History - انجمن صادرکنندگان صنعتی، معدنی و خدمات مهندسی
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The Export Association of Mining, Industrial Products and Engineering Services (EXAMIE), whose mission and main objective is to protect the members’ rights, legal and legitimate interests, and to find solutions to challenges which ensure the growth and expansion of non-oil reliant export.
The Association was founded by the perseverance and untiring efforts of Mr. Ali Asghar Haji Baba ( a prominent industrialist and an entrepreneur in Iran); the first general assembly was held by the participation of public officials, high-ranking executives and a select group of top exporters to elect the board of directors in order to formally enact its policies and strategies and to establish a new entity in the nation’s economic realm.
Currently, the Association has more than 300 members of nation’s top active exporters and the membership enrollment is increasing.
By organizing an expert department, the Association has attempted to study the fundamental issues and obstacles affecting exports in various industries, economic laws, and comment on draft laws and bills, review of government decisions and proposals, and proposals New to complete and consolidate them, and to discuss issues related to exports through regular monthly meetings with board members.
Participation and collaboration with parliamentary committees on industry, mining, commerce and investment as well as Tehran Chamber of Commerce organizations, and cooperation with members,
Reform and revitalization of Persian, English, and Arabic websites and preparation of a new communication platform
Publishing all circulars, memoranda, updated customs instructions and informing members of the association
Obtaining the first brokerage license of the Export-Import Guarantee Fund of Iran as the first NGO, and introducing the fund’s services to the exporters
Submitting updated information on OPEC International Fund tenders which is provided by Foreign Investments Office of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Finance to the Association members
A new era in publication of the World of Exports, the Association quarterly magazine, to inform members on current domestic and international export issues in Persian, English and Arabic; copies of the magazine is provided to all trading companies domestically and internationally as well as to the Iranian trade missions and embassies around the world,
Addressing the currency challenges of the members: Due to some legal discrepancy, in combination with the current national economic landscape which has affected the financial transactions of the members, the Association has taken dramatic steps to lobby among various regulatory agencies to modify and draft new public policy in place, which has assisted the members in a more efficient monetary transaction.