Goals and Strategies - Examie
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Goals and Strategies

The Association's goals and plans for industrial, mineral and service exporters

The main objective of the association is solving problems faced by exporters; in itself it guarantees growth and development of exporting non-oil goods. Besides the above-mentioned goal, fulfillment of the followings is considered as basic responsibilities of EXAMIE:
_ Reservation of Members’ rights and protecting their benefits using lawful means in all concerned organizations
_ Having direct relations with senior officials in governmental departments aiming at proposing effective suggestions, solving trade issues and opening the gateways of international trade and development
_ Holding internal and international conferences, instructional seminars, trade fairs and commercial exhibitions resulting in safer cooperation and partnership or more conscious competitions
_ Organizing specialized committees and think tanks to receive and study member’s comments and take required steps to deal with the proposed pitfalls
_ Evaluating the existing resources, facilities and capacities to export and import, prioritizing target markets, as well as coordinating supply and demands in the markets
_Interacting with the same international associations to exchange views and get more information about global markets
_ Creating a favourable ground and environment for more cooperations among internal companies and organisations and paving the way for attracting foreign investment
_ Doing research projects in domestic markets in accordance with foreign firms’ expectations and requisition vice versa, giving consultancy to both exporters and importers to make more profitable investments, save time, financial and human resources
_ Convening exporters and domestic firms to identify target markets, share knowledge and experience and access to appropriate opportunities in global markets
_ Preservation of current markets and spreading the new ones through comprehensive recognition
_ providing services in the domain of the association’s duties leading to export development