activities - انجمن صادرکنندگان صنعتی، معدنی و خدمات مهندسی
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The outline of the activities of the Association of Industrial Exporters, Mining and Services

_ Participation in commissions of industry, mining, trade, investment and associations of Tehran chamber of commerce and consultation and exchanging ideas with them

_ Updating EXAMIE website in Different languages including Persian, English and Arabic for more comprehensive informing

_ Making the circulars and instructions issued by the Customs Authority accessible for the association’s members

_ Obtaining agency certificate from “Export Guarantee Fund of Iran as the first NGO and introducing the services to exporters

_ Presenting details of tender notices in OFID to all members. The details are given the association by the “Organisation for Foreign Investment” of “Ministry of Economic Affairs and Finance”

_ Republication of quarterly journal of “World of Export” in Persian, English and Arabic and sending to all commercial departments in abroad, Ministries, and domestic and international trade associations

_ Following the member’s exchange problems up and facilitating refund of the facilities received from “Foreign Exchange Reserve Account” (FRA), in according to current price